Monday, August 08, 2005


It'a party time guys! keep the party going....
don't stop dancing, just keep your booty shaking,
party! party! party! and shake the floor,
and when it's time to stop, just keep on asking for more,

tomorrow when you wake up everything will be different,
you will be one day older than what you are at present,
the date on the calender will be gone,
and new hopes and dreams shall born.

but somethings do not change,
like the oppressed outrage,
a soldier's courage,
and a daily labourer's wage.

but something is always there in heart-hope,
"let there be peace in the world"-says the pope.
to achieve that let pray for peace within ourselves,
let the weak take care of themselves,
then they will have courage to fight,
and their lives will be brighter than sun even at night.

wake up from your sleep, this is no dream,
the world is waiting for u to gleam...
wear a smile on your face, for it's time to witness happy days.

this is a promise which God has made,
"all your worries will fade,
and you shall live happily ever after!!!!
and you shall always smile ever after!!!! "


Let me tell you the story of a student,
in reading and writing he is going to be fluent.
very happy he joins a school,
and soon finds out that nothing out here is cool.
after nursery, he joins class one,
and tries his best to have fun.
because he knows after that it's all maths and science,
and he will never have time to listen to his conscience.

time is always flying away,
to catch it in your hands there is no way,
so he is in a flow and joins others in what they do,
and follows them wherever they go.

when he is in PG, he forgets about CG,
and that's where he lags behind,
and there's no chance to rewind,
neverthless he looks out for a job,
his time and patience they rob,
to tell him atlast that's there's no vacancy,
and something can be done with loads of currency.

so he makes money by odd ways,
no matter how, he again joins the race.
a race to prove others that he is normal,
after sometime he tries to be more formal.
and then he advises others to follow him,
even though he knows that his desire to do something has gone dim.

and now he thinks about his own life,
and sings it in a sad tone playing a fife,
why didn't he do what he wanted to do?
why couldn't he do what he wanted to do?

the answer: may be he doesn't know what's the situation true?
he just followed people like us, like me and u,
so who's the real culprit?
who is the culprit who has silenced his grit?
on pondering all we will do is blaming each other,
and never arrive at a solution better.

so the real student would be one,
who follows his dreams no matter how wrong things have gone,
who advices others not to follow his own path,
but to leave a trail on their own path,
then no one will be same again,
because nothing similar would remain.

people will do what they do,
because they know that that's the best they could do,
and no matter how, nothing better could they do.
then there will be no question of failure,
because everyone will have a mind mature,
not to kill a killer instinct in the brain,
which is as small as a grain,
but holds the key to success,
and wisdom to assess.

such is our wonderful life,
"follow your dream and make a difference-" this is a student's life.


you are like rain in the middle of may,
sunshine on a foggy day,
you are like a glowing candle,
and have more beauty than sandal,
you are like a greeting smile from kith and kin,

the heart your i must win,
not to show others what i got,
but to THY that all odds have i fought,
and to people who have doubt,
i wanna show that all barriers i have broken,
accept me as cupid's token.

never shall i leave your hand,
we will build on he shores of sea- castles of sand,
dreams on no man's land,
i am neither a dude nor am i a dud,
i am just "me"
who promises to smile forever
share joy and happiness like a perennial river,

life is not a matter of day or two,
it's a promise of eternity and fame for few,
those who have courage, fight for it,
and he shall live for ever as a man who had strong wit,
it's only a matter of choice to choose between what u wanna be....
who's he?..........or...........who's he?


Listen to the song which bells sing, oh my dear,
"listen, listen! it's that time of the year,
there's smile on everyone's face,
for the time has come to see promising new days,
there's love in the air,
all this at a time, sounds rare.

the lights are glowing everywhere,
showing that there's nothing to fear,
He has come to earth once again,
and He will remain here forever remain.
to fill a lost feeling in every soul,
that in life we have a very important role,
to love others as you have never loved them before,
to care for others as if you have never done it before.

i wanted to say all this to you,
and show you a beautiful night's view,
i couldn't, so i chose Santa to tell you,
on my behalf, may all your dreams come true,
let there be smile on your face,
let there be like these more gleeful days,
listen to those far and near,
they all sing "happy new year" "


I was so happy on your birthday and i thought the day was mine,
of war and terror there was no sign,
then all of a sudden, you gave us a massive "nine",
and that destroyed everything that was fine.

the huge wave triggered by the massive quake,
something that can devasation make,
and millons of life in a second that could take
away with it, with all lives at stake.

a flourishing market turned into a grave,
and there was little left to save,
anly they survived who were brave,
and others were left for their little ones to crave,

everything happened in an instant, i thought i was dreaming,
but it all happened under the sunday sun that was gleaming,
and you will have a long queue outside your paradise,
because we believe that we will see you after demise.

you are only a belief among us, because nobody has seen you,
and very few are left down here who can tell us what's true,
all we wanted is few smiles and tears for the new year
an you gave us more reasons to fear,
but wait! why am i blaming you for all devastation?
am i responsible for destruction?

few say it might be due to mining and drilling,
and the fragile environment that we are harming,
has given us a good reply,
and may be this will cause for more sincere efforts to apply,
to protect mother nature, promising a better future.

all i ask you is give us some more time,
before a devastation like this could rhyme.
because no one would be left to shed tears,
and there will be fear and panic in coming years.

please save us from your wrath,
i promise that there will be and we shall share love and warmth,
we will live like brothers and take good care of others
this is all i ask you,
please protect us and help us to mke our dreams come true.


Look at the sun, it's so special today,
shining brightly, it smiles "happy birthday"

hear to the birds chirping among themselves,
looks like they are aiting for you to come out.
beacuse they have come to see you and no one else
and sing "happy birthday" in chorus.

perhaps the air also seems to know about you,
that's why there's fragrance all over when you walk,
and the world seems to be more sweet when you talk.

i guess it should be a busy day for your mobile ,
giving you no time to dial ,
to your friends , because they would be the first to wish you.
no wonder such people are always few.

nothing is more sweet and cut than your smile,
looks like world is a heaven for a little while
wishing you a thousand more smiles on your birthday,
have a wonderful day and wishing a great day to be as special as you are.


may be there have been lot of stories told,
yet there are many feelings to unfold.

sometimes i wish , i was more than a friend to her
sometimes i wish i could more to her.

the scene was perfect, and the stars were glowing bright,
yet i missed the chance and couldn't do things right.
we think silence is gold and speech is silver,
but long before i realised that talking is clever,
the wind had blown away the precious little thing,
and there was brightness all over.

i thought i was about to lock myself in a dark room,
till a gabriel came and told me "there is still hope".
i knew i couldn't remove brightness,
to make my own road, but i kinda forged,
an unseen pact ro live in harmony.

sometimes i wish i should have expressed myself before it was late,
yet nature seems to like people like me,
hence it opened doors plenty or me to see,
i was gifted with a vision to see beauty,
yet i sometimes feel incomplete,

sometimes i wish i could cry with my head on your lap,
and then not my words but tears shall speak the truth,
that i will be always there for you,
and it's not a matter of day or two,
but i shall love you for time infinite,
i will be always there for you like the stars and moon in the night,
and shall always care for you though i am out of sight.

sometimes......someday i hope you will realise the truth,
and smiled that there ever existed a thing like this on earth.


you seem to be like a piece from heaven,
it's time for our love to be woven,

walking with you down the meadow,
i followed you like a shadow,
i walked down the street
to see how me you treat?

i was dying to see you all day hence,
i waited across the fence,
your face , i craved to look,
precious hours of my life all it took.

everyone says i am a hunk,
but when i saw you my courage sank.

now you are like a socket
drawing all bucks from my pocket

i remember loving your beautiful face,
i cannot forget all those days
don't push me into a ditch
don't caste a spell on me like a witch.

at me even if you laugh,
deep down the heart you know that a guy i am to be proud of.


I wanna hold your hand,
and show you a world grand.
i wanna walk along with you
and show you things few.

look at the sun,it says something to us,
quoting it as radiation we make a big fuss.

look at the moon and stars, they show something to us
terming science and maths we discard them as nothing.

i thing it's the way God sees us,
and if something miraculous happens
we term it as a sign of Armageddon- Judgement day.
this is beacuse we have not come out of the fray.
a fray which goes on and on within us
to know who ou are , to know why you are here?

it's so simple yet difficult to understand,
between you and me there's only subtle bondage strand.

let's pray that we shall forever live here,
and live without any fear,
fear of dying someday,
beacuse we will reach Him anyway....